Ushare social experience and DTCoin: opinions and reviews

Ushare is thought of as the “first community in the world created to enhance your social experience”. Ushare offers members and supporters the opportunity to access success stories, free training and webinars. Getting into this network increases the opportunity to meet other people, share information and get some profit. More opinions and reviews about DTCoin thanks to this system (for more examples, read these articles: “DTSocialize opinioni” and “DTSocialize recensioni”!).

The Italian Ushare Telegram channel: information and opportunities 

Growth opportunities for the network pass not only through the most popular social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, but also through contacts on Telegram, an instant messaging service less famous than Whatsapp, but very much used and known in the world. Ushare Italia has also a Telegram channel, with some thousands subscribers, where people within the DTCircle community can share opinions, get opportunities, access information, and learn something new thanks to the free training courses and webinars organised by the Ushare Team. All the people that decide to be part of the DTCircle community create its reality and contribute to its ecosystem that includes the use of DTCoin, a cryptocurrency born from an idea of the Roman entrepreneur Daniele Marinelli. DTCircle allows subscribers to be rewarded for the value and ownership of the data they release whilst online. One of the main aims of Ushare is to create and establish, worldwide, the first system of Social Profit Marketing to help people to earn their living or to get some extras to buy things they need ( a new car, a trip somewhere etc) depending on how much time the sharers want to dedicate to their job. The concept of community is the strength of the system of Social Profit Marketing because it means that you can leverage skills and get opportunities so that the single individuals can boost their careers and be happier.

Being part of the Ushare community means becoming a sharer and earning some living through the Social Profit Marketing system. The sharers have freedom of choice and can decide how much rime dedicate to this activity getting a better work-life balance a the opportunity to maintain and interests outside the community. Social Profit Marketing is a very special system, “developed by great experts in the field who have decided to share their thirty years of experience and their desire to train new professionals in this same field”. 

Social Profit Marketing: a meritocratic career

The definition of the Social Profit Marketing system – see Ushare DTCoin – is provided directly by the members of Ushare who, claryfying their mission, said that it is “a unique system that offers a career based on meritocracy: everyone can reach the top depending on the energy profused in the job. How long it takes? It depends only on the individual commitment”. By proceeding with the free registration to one of the workshops on the site, shared every day on the Telegram channel, anyone can become a sharer and become part of the community. Step by step, and following the advice of expert professionals, it will be possible to become more experienced sharers, to better understand how to enter this sector and to  improve your skills to become a Pro – Sharer. See these two tutorials to have more information about Ushare token and Ushare DTCoin.

What is UTalk and what does it offer?

UTalk is the most popular appointment for the sharers on Telegram and it’s able to create the greatest interest among community members. It broadcasts live on the Ushare social pages dedicated to its members. 

Utalk offers unique moments, pills of knowledge and here experts professionals discuss current topics, share the latest news from the world of the web, the network, new technologies, and the legal and taxation rules related to the sector. In recent times, the 5G has become very interesting, this latest technology that allows users to browse faster on the web, even through smartphones and mobile devices. Some experts, that are members of the Daniele Marinelli DT Circle ecosystem, were able to provide the sharers with information on the impact of 5G on the environment.

However, 5G is just one of many moments of daily confrontation on the Telegram Ushare Italia channel that offers webinars, live training on social media, work proposals, moments of sharing. In addition to learning experiences and interaction, community members also become networkers, because they interact with the virtual community by promoting themselves through network marketing, working personally, generating value and profit. Network marketing is an alternative to the traditional concept of work and classic employment. In fact, network marketing has become, over the years, an important choice in Italy and abroad. Large national and international companies, many of them listed at the stock exchange, have chosen this mode of sales and communication. It is a well-designed and precise sales and marketing strategy that brings benefits to the sales network and to the company. 

The Ushare system and the regulation of network marketing

Over the last decade, home selling has undergone an important evolution, although it has existed since the 1970s, many companies, known worldwide chose to stay lyal to this type of sales and marketing strategy. The Ushare system and the sharers network are subject to the rules about direct selling at home, in Italy through the law number 173 of 2005, called “Regulation of direct selling at home and consumer protection from pyramid forms of sale“. As it is a recent legislative provision, the text is unclear and it was necessary to better clarify the boundaries of network marketing, focusing on the protection of the workers and the consumers.

Article 5 of Law 173 of 2005 says: “The promotion and implementation of sales activities and structures in which the primary economic incentive of the components is based on the mere recruitment of new entities rather than on their ability to sell or promote the sale of goods or services determined directly or through other components of the structure is forbidden by law”. Reading the content it’s easy to understand how much the system is controlled and clear. The community of Ushare DTCoin consisting of a network of sharers, present on Telegram complies with all the rules of the law 173/2005. 

Thanks to their affiliation to Ushare, sharers can monetize their social experience, earn a living and get DTCOIN that they can spend in affiliated shops that chose to adhere to DTCircle ecosystem. Ushare is constantly growing and offered an opportunity to many people in Italy and other countries, to find their way or simply get extra money in the very complex pandemic period.

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